When You Personalize I’ll Let You Drive: 11/26/17

This message is truly one for the ages. Be ready for an awakening into the truth of who we are to Jesus.  When we begin to understand the express image of His person and break out of the Christian norm of how we vibe with Him.  When we become a life partner, a bride, a wife to Him, we will experience His love on another level.  You need to listen to this one at least twice and let it do what He sent it to do.  Let it reposition you into the dispensation of our time, THE DISPENSATION OF THE BRIDE!!! NOW LET'S GO GET IT!



Christ Must Be Personal to Us: 11/16/17

This message will teach you how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Too many Christians have a general sense of God and not a personal relationship with Him. Listen in and learn the difference and soar like never before. Now LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Peter From General to Personal: 11/5/17

In this message we see how Peter went from a general relationship to a very personal relationship. His conversion took place when his relationship with Jesus changed from General to Personal. It's time for us to awaken and stop knowing the Lord from a general sense. Let's truly get to know Him from a personal place. 



Rhema Has to Be Personal: 10/29/17

In this message we will see how Peter is transformed from a general relationship with Jesus to a very personal relationshp with the Lord. It's in the Personalization with Christ that we discover not just Him but who we are as well.



His Thoughts From Generalizing to Personalizing: 9/21/17

In this message you will discover where your relationaship truly lies with God. The church has only truly known Him in a general sense. These messages up and coming are going to teach us how to personalize with him and truly unlock the brightness of His glory. NOW LET'S GO GET IT!!!



The Thoughts of God are the True Spirit Realm: 9/14/17

When you have God's thoughts on a matter it becomes the true Spirit realm.  When God conveys His thoughts to us, He also conveys his posture on the matter.  Its not just a word that we get from God.  But each word He gives us comes with His way of dealing with what ever it is that we are facing.  It creates the true realm of the Spirit, It becomes God in totality.  Now Listen Closely, And Lets Go Get It!!!



Without God’s Posture You Won’t Flow in God’s Power: 6/22/17

This message should set a new course in your walk with Christ when your done listening to it.  Its amazing how people look to have God's power flowing in their lives without really having His attitude or posture flowing in them.  The Lord said "if I released my power without my Posture my people will misrepresent me.  They need to know how I view a situation through my posture prior to truly walking in my power." Now Lets Go Get It!!!



The Wheel in You is the Mystery: 6/15/17

This message is so profound....be careful not to miss the power of the truth. The mystery of Mark 4 is truly the mystery of the wheel, it's all about activating Christ in us the hope of Glory. Staying in the rhema is so powerful. LISTEN CLOSELY AND LET'S GO GET IT !!!



The Wheel Produces the Anointing - Burden Removing Yoke Destroying Power: 6/11/17

Come on Saints let's keep up the pace. This message is going to reveal the functionality of the Holy Spirit, and His power to remove every burden and destroy every yoke from off your life. Listen carefully and receive this engrafted Word. NOW GO GET IT !!!



Jesus the Holy Spirit: 6/8/17

This message is really going to bless you. Did you ever stop and really think about how Jesus said he would send another comforter. That means he was the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Man this Lord of ours is truly amazing. Now I know why he was such a walking miracle factory. He had the Spirit without measure. So now If I understand Jesus I'll understand the Holy Spirit. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!


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