Without God’s Posture You Won’t Flow in God’s Power: 6/22/17

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The Wheel in You is the Mystery: 6/15/17

This message is so profound....be careful not to miss the power of the truth. The mystery of Mark 4 is truly the mystery of the wheel, it's all about activating Christ in us the hope of Glory. Staying in the rhema is so powerful. LISTEN CLOSELY AND LET'S GO GET IT !!!



The Wheel Produces the Anointing - Burden Removing Yoke Destroying Power: 6/11/17

Come on Saints let's keep up the pace. This message is going to reveal the functionality of the Holy Spirit, and His power to remove every burden and destroy every yoke from off your life. Listen carefully and receive this engrafted Word. NOW GO GET IT !!!



Jesus the Holy Spirit: 6/8/17

This message is really going to bless you. Did you ever stop and really think about how Jesus said he would send another comforter. That means he was the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Man this Lord of ours is truly amazing. Now I know why he was such a walking miracle factory. He had the Spirit without measure. So now If I understand Jesus I'll understand the Holy Spirit. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Rhema Makes the Wheel/Spirit Work with the Power of All Creation: 6/4/17

The rhema word is the fuel that causes the Whhel that Ezekiel saw turn with creative power. If you stay in the rhema you'll see the power of the wheel function in your life. The wheel, the four creatures and the lamps are all a picture of the functionality of the HOLY SPIRIT. The rhema word is what activates Him so use what you've got. NOW GO GET IT !!!



Rhema is Revealing the Fullness of the Holy Ghost: 6/1/17

This message is going to begin a journey and a deep discovery of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. If you don't know the person of the Holy Spirit then this is the message for you. Remember The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the trinity he's not an "it". Once you know him your faith in him is going to soar. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Rhemas 4 Styles of Fighting (Continued) - The History of the Four Beast: 5/28/17

In this message we are going to learn about truth that has for some reason been hidden. Hidden but yet so necessary it's time to become acquainted with Our Daddy in a very real way. Come on and listen in and get to know him like never before. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Rhemas Four Fighting Styles: 5/25/17

This message is about to reload your weapon like never before. Your enemy is finished! These four fighting styles are a rhema for the ages. Get ready for total victory. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Through His Eyes He’s Making Us Faster and More Powerful Then Our Enemy: 5/14/17

This message teaches us that while He is watching us He's revealing right strategies. Through what He sees about us He reveals to us how to be positioned and full of His way of dealing with it. Listen closely becasue your about to become faster then your enemy. NOW GO GET IT !!!



True Lordship is Found in Your Now Temptation: 5/7/17

When temptation strikes and when the enemy presses you, it's not a time to back down. It's a time to look up because redemption or should I say the Lordship of Christ is nigh. He was made Lord after He endured temptation. So child of the same Father realize it's the same for you. He's king of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your Lordship is coming the same way. NOW GO GET IT !!!


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