Wake Up Church We Are His Bride: 1/4/18

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Esther’s Approach Unto the King Gave Us Access to Our King: 12/24/17

In this message we learn even further of how we benefited from Esther's approach to her king. It truly was a foreshadow of how we should be with Christ. Not only a foreshadow but it enabled us to live with Jesus from a standpoint of husband and wife. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



A Wife’s Approach Unto Her Husband Who is King: 12/17/17

This message is really powerful. It is going to teach you how to truly approach Christ. So often we come to him like we aren’t family. We come to him in a place of reverence as him being King, but we forget that we are his queen and his bride. Esther’s approach unto her King shows us that we need the revelation of our status with Christ. We come too often in the wrong posture and that isn’t true faith. We need faith in him of course but we also need to have faith in who he’s made us to be. Now listen in and LET’S GO GET IT!!!



Personalization with Christ was Always Daddy’s Plan for us: 12/10/17

This message is going to truly awaken a truth that needs to be awakened in us. Daddy God from the beginning has wanted a personal relationship with his people.  Unto us a child was born and it was unto us a son was given.  Key words "unto us" think about it Christ was our gift.  Gift giving is very personal. So now lets open our gift through the understanding of this word.  LETS GO GET IT!!!



Rhema the Bridge to All Personalization: 12/7/17

Rhema is Truly the Bridge to all Personaliztion. The rhema word is the only way to really develop a Personal Relationship with Christ.  Think about it, when you were saved (born again) it was personal.  You probably cried like a baby all these feelings and emotions came rushing up and into you. Well that should have never changed! Rhema is the bridge to keep that feeling and tangible relationship with Him.  So listen in and get back to that place that you once knew!!! LETS GO GET IT!!!



No Personalization No Grace: 12/3/17

Okay here we go again, get ready for a ride in truth.  This rhema word about no personalization no grace is going to really open your eyes.  When we as a people take our place in a personal relationship with Chirst we will see grace like never before.  If we were saved by the gift of Grace it started out extremely personal.  He gave us a gift, not only a gift but the greatest gift in the history of mankind.  If its started personal it has to remain personal. Now get yourself comfortable, and LETS GO GET IT!!!



The Four Beast and Their Postures are the Four Doors to Personalization: 11/30/17

This message is a real eye opener.  We have been learning how to live in a very personal way with Christ.  The postures of the four beast or should I say the Characteristics of the four open doors of intimacy.  It is amazing that when you yield to these four how Christ shows up on the scene.  His way of doing things is perfected through these four Postures.  So in sayig that the two become one.  NOW LETS GO GET IT!! LISTEN IN... 



When You Personalize I’ll Let You Drive: 11/26/17

This message is truly one for the ages. Be ready for an awakening into the truth of who we are to Jesus.  When we begin to understand the express image of His person and break out of the Christian norm of how we vibe with Him.  When we become a life partner, a bride, a wife to Him, we will experience His love on another level.  You need to listen to this one at least twice and let it do what He sent it to do.  Let it reposition you into the dispensation of our time, THE DISPENSATION OF THE BRIDE!!! NOW LET'S GO GET IT!



Christ Must Be Personal to Us: 11/16/17

This message will teach you how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Too many Christians have a general sense of God and not a personal relationship with Him. Listen in and learn the difference and soar like never before. Now LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Peter From General to Personal: 11/5/17

In this message we see how Peter went from a general relationship to a very personal relationship. His conversion took place when his relationship with Jesus changed from General to Personal. It's time for us to awaken and stop knowing the Lord from a general sense. Let's truly get to know Him from a personal place. 


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