The Principality: 3/30/17

This message is going to reveal "The Principality". Too often we fight against spirits in our life and when we get rid of them they end up returning. It's time to locate the origin and the principality. Let's Cut the snake off at the head and put an end to the madness. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Back to Creation: 3/2/17

This message is pointing us to a truth of who we really are in God. We've tried so hard as Christians to live and function from our earthly birth. Truth told we should be functioning from our created state. It's time to truly wake up out of this slumber and be who we are supposed to be. LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Understanding the Newness: 2/23/17

In this message it will point you to the place of where our battle comes from. We really should be focused on the origin and not the surface of the problem. We are being equipped and anointed for the origin. LET'S GO GET IT !!! 



Only the Dead Get Quickened: 2/19/17

This message reveals that in order to be made alive in God the word has to kill you first. In fact the full operation of God is once the word Kills you it also Quickens you at the same time. Now listen in and GO GET IT !!!



The Second Part of the Operation: 2/16/17

This is part 2 and I hope you understand the operation you've undergone. Colossians 2:12 describes being buried and raised with Him through us being constantly dipped in the rhema word. This is truly an operation so says verse 13. When you recognize it you are in true power. NOW GO GET IT !!! Have faith in the operation of God. 



You Do It - Continued: 2/9/17

The Rhema Continues for "You Do It"......          Continued from 2/5/17 




YOU Do It: 2/5/17

This message about "YOU Do It" is very unique. It puts us in the drivers seat as sons and daughters of God. You say unto this mountain is a revelation about the authority we have when we are under rhema. It's a must listen, then it's a must do. You'll understand after you hear this rhema word. NOW GO GET IT !!! 



Staying Away From Carnality by Way of R3 Releases the Baffling Wind of Triumph: 2/2/17

This message is a real eye opener! When you find out about baffling winds it's going to amp you up to attack your enemies like never before. 



The Balance of Rhemas 3: January 28 2017

This is a major overview of the understanding of R3. Everything you wanted to know about Rhemas three is in this balance. So get comfortable and put on patience and GO GET IT !!! 



The Exchange of Water From the Principality/Source: 1/26/17

This message "The Exchange of Water From the Principality" is very profound to what we need to do. I'm all about seeing kingdom manifestation in every way so this key is essential to that. COME ON AND LISTEN AND LET'S GO GET IT !!!


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