True Lordship is Found in Your Now Temptation: 5/7/17

When temptation strikes and when the enemy presses you, it's not a time to back down. It's a time to look up because redemption or should I say the Lordship of Christ is nigh. He was made Lord after He endured temptation. So child of the same Father realize it's the same for you. He's king of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your Lordship is coming the same way. NOW GO GET IT !!!



Rhema, The Eyes to See Satan, No More Hiding: 4/30/17

If you haven't been convinced to stay in the Rhema word this message should push you over the edge.  Rhema is the eyes that keeps Satan in your sights. Listen in and Go Get It!!!



Satan Our Gift: 4/27/17

Get ready to be amazed! Paul talked about how he would glory in the distresses, reproaches and necessities. Satan really is a gift. I know it sounds crazy but you need to listen and hear this before you stop following our podcast. NOW GO GET IT !!!



Only the Present Rhema Will Empower You and Keep You in Your Created Life: 4/23/17

This message is really necessary and truly points to us staying current in the word. If we begin to fall behind in the now word of God we will see that our power source doesn't work like it should.  Only the present rhema word of God carries the power of true deliverance and healing. It will manifest the created life the life that God intended all day every day.  NOW GO GET IT!!!



No More Mixture - You Have to Argue Your Case: 4/20/17

If your truly and I mean truly looking for victory over the devil, this message is for you. It's going to teach you how to stay perfectly positioned to bring him down. So listen in and GO GET IT !!!



Rhema Our Created Life Gives Us Lordship & Total Dominion Over Satan: 4/9/17

Rhema our created life truly does give us Lordship and Dominion over Satan. Our only problem is our inconsistency in staying in it to experience it. Listen to this message and get ready to shift into the consistency that you need to take dominion over him for good.



Satan, The Principalities Plan and Hiding Place: 4/6/17

This message is another real eye opener.  I've truly learned that we need to keep our focus on Satan, he is the origin of all of our problems.  The church has underrated and discredited his abilities to frustrate the flow of God's Kingdom.  Once we start to focus on him through rhema, he will be bruised under our feet shortly.  NOW LETS GO GET IT!!! 



Rhema the Light of Our Created Life: 4/2/17

This message is truly another eye opener. We are going to see what we have as we discover what Lucifer had. WE are now the anointed ones covering the throne of God through RHEMAS LIGHT.

Now Let's Go Get It !!!



The Principality: 3/30/17

This message is going to reveal "The Principality". Too often we fight against spirits in our life and when we get rid of them they end up returning. It's time to locate the origin and the principality. Let's Cut the snake off at the head and put an end to the madness. NOW LET'S GO GET IT !!!



Back to Creation: 3/2/17

This message is pointing us to a truth of who we really are in God. We've tried so hard as Christians to live and function from our earthly birth. Truth told we should be functioning from our created state. It's time to truly wake up out of this slumber and be who we are supposed to be. LET'S GO GET IT !!!


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